In the last 3 years I have been invited to visit over 25 schools, universities and different learning centers in Turkey, Iran, India, Nepal, Vietnam and Malaysia.
I have introduced my home country Estonia, shared some of my travel experiences and photos, answered a lot of questions, gave autographs and made some photos and videos.
I have tried to make the young people feel positive, comfortable, inspired, free, courageous and happy. I made them laugh and shared some valuable messages about Life. I have told to thousands of students that :

* In your life You will meet many challenges – both inner and outer challenges but always have positive attitudes with hope so that the challenges can help You to become stronger and better.
* And even try to be thankful for the challenges because the challenges can really help You to become stronger and better.
* As young people You are the future – not only the future of Your own country but the future of humanity. With Your hearts, mind and hands You are creating the future. Try to have long term visions about the future and long term feelings but at the same time live fully in the present moment and also remember the past.
* Always do and be Your very best !
Think Your best, speak Your best, imagine Your best, do and create Your best, feel Your best, hope the best, wish the best.
* Be good and become better. If You are positive and You become even more and more positive then it will really help You to have a very strong health and it will help You to feel happier. It will also inspire and help many other people around You.
* Find out very clearly what for You is the most important in life ! Focus on the important and work for the important to make the important stronger.
* Try to feel and to realize that every single breath and every heart beat is a very special and precious gift from Life ! Be thankful to be alive, thankful to live, to exist.
* Have big dreams – they will give You energy and willpower. Also have a lot of discipline, courage and work very very hard. Complain less !
* Try to understand and to feel care and love. Become as respectful, understanding, caring, kind and loving as You can towards all of nature, towards others and also towards Yourself !
* Thank You ! ! !

Meigo Märk
The Walk Around the World

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